Educational Video #2 – Questions to Ask a Franchisor

Here are the important questions you must ask when evaluating a franchise.

Franchise education video 2 of 11, Questions to Ask a Franchisor, by Kim Marinoff.

This is Part 2, “Questions to Ask a Franchisor,” of my 11-video series on franchising. This series is designed to help you learn more about the franchise industry, and about every phase of working with a franchise consultant to select a franchise.

In three minutes, I lay out the questions you must ask a franchisor. This is a comprehensive list of questions I’ve developed over the years. I have made them available here on my website on my resources page.

Gather all the information you can and ask all the questions you can about corporate communciations, support, training, operations, marketing, the financial model, red flags in the franchise agreement, and the competition. How do they differentiate themselves? What territory are they selling? Is it exclusive? How is it defined?

What is the corporate culture? Competitive? Collaborative? Controlling? Creative?

What sort of capital do you need to have to open and operate?

I hope you enjoy the video and find my “Questions to Ask the Franchisor” resource useful. It will open or download as a Microsoft Word document.

Does it raise any questions for you? Send them to me (kim <at> or comment here. I look forward to hearing from you.

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Kim Marinoff

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