Andrew recommends Kim, franchise matchmaker

I’m grateful this week for a new recommendation from Andrew Aronson, a friend and former colleague, of my services as a franchise matchmaker.

Andrew and I worked together through his business, Franchise Logistics. They specialize in finding and facilitating introductions between franchises and individuals who wish to own their business incorporating their skill-sets, financial means, lifestyle goals and personalities. They maintain affiliations with over 300 national franchisors in 35 business segments, and as part of their services, they arrange introductions and coaching to nurture those connections.

Thank you, Andrew!

“I have known Kim for many years as a colleague and over the years became friends. I have always found Kim to have the highest integrity and always respectful of her clients’ needs, wants and desires. Kim has shown herself to be a tireless advocate and worker for her clients and the ultimate Professional. Kim raises the bar for all Franchise Consultants to attempt to achieve. I enjoy working with Kim and highly endorse her to anyone looking for assistance in finding their next career in franchising.”

andrew recommends franchise matchmaker
Andrew Aronson CFP, FIS, FSC
Franchise Logistics

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If you are exploring your franchise options, call us today. Kim Marinoff is the franchise matchmaker.

Here at A2B Franchise Consulting we offer comprehensive services to match you with the best franchise opportunity given your goals and interests.

With  thousands of concepts available, targeting your search and finding the best ones can be a chore. Let me help.

As a franchise matchmaker, we help you with:

  • Matchmaking
  • Tools for Validation
  • Financing

There is no additional charge for my assistance. The franchise company pays me a fee. If you go directly to the franchise you pay the same fee as if I referred you. You benefit from an expert franchise consultant guiding you through the process. If you decide a franchise is not for you, we part as friends.

My services do not bind or obligate you in any way. I have been in the industry for 20 years. I owned 10 franchise businesses, and worked with an international group in training, operations, sales and development. I understand franchising from all angles and can provide you expert advice and coach you through the long and winding process.

I am passionate about connecting you with a franchise in which you can succeed.

Contact me today to learn more about how I can help you.


Kim Marinoff

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It’s short – only 2:33 – and I hope you’ll find it informative.

Franchise education video 1 of 11, The Role of a Franchise Consultant, by Kim Marinoff.

What do I do? I offer a free consulting service to those considering investing in a franchise of their own. I get to know you, then look for opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Once we have a short list, I’m your advocate, helping you to thoroughly vet any given opportunity. I’m compensated from a franchise’s franchise fee. When I match you to an opportunity, they pay me a commission from that franchise fee.

If you have questions, please comment here, or send them to me via email at kim <at>

Learn more about me and my services, find valuable resources about franchising on this website, and check back here on my All About Franchising blog as I introduce the other 10 videos in my educational series.

I’ll also be posting news here about my clients, news from the franchise world, address other industry topics, and I always welcome your comments and questions.

Thank you!


Kim Marinoff

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Welcome to All About Franchising!

Welcome to my Blog, All About Franchising!

I’m Kim Marinoff, and my business is A2B Franchise Consulting.

Check back here regularly. I will be creating and posting content about all aspects of the franchise world.

I’ll be introducing and posting links my 11 educational videos on franchising here in the coming weeks, and also embedding them on the Videos page here on my site, and on my YouTube channel.

I’ll also be looking to answer any questions you may have about the world of franchising, how to become a franchisee, what’s the best franchise for you, and more. Please send me your questions, and join the discussion by commenting on any post you may find here that is of interest.

Thank you!


Kim Marinoff

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