Educational Video #1 – The Role of the Franchise Consultant

By - July 6, 2018
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What does a franchise consultant do? Let me explain.

This is Part 1 of an 11-part series of educational videos I’ve created to help you learn more about the franchise industry, and about every phase of working with a franchise consultant to select a franchise.

It’s short – only 2:33 – and I hope you’ll find it informative.

Franchise education video 1 of 11, The Role of a Franchise Consultant, by Kim Marinoff.

What do I do? I offer a free consulting service to those considering investing in a franchise of their own. I get to know you, then look for opportunities that might be a good fit for you. Once we have a short list, I’m your advocate, helping you to thoroughly vet any given opportunity. I’m compensated from a franchise’s franchise fee. When I match you to an opportunity, they pay me a commission from that franchise fee.

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Kim Marinoff